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DevOps Experts Courses

Advance your DevOps skills

Our advanced DevOps course was created especially for professionals; Full of highly advanced subjects, this course will make you a DevOps master in just 14 weeks. Come learn from the best, to become the best.

Our Training Approach

Limited Class size

to allow maximal interactivity

Hands on sessions

takes learning beyond the theory

Case studies

from various companies and products

Course Topics

  • Kubernetes Deep Dive
  • Advanced CI/CD
  • In depth AWS
  • Serverless
  • Architecture
  • DevSecOps
  • Projects

Our Lecturers

Daniel Gotlieb

Daniel Gotlieb

DevOps Tech Lead at Trigo. Formerly DevOps Architect at SciPlay, the second largest social gaming company in the world, went to ipo at the value of $2 billion. Long track record lecturing to individuals and companies such as Verint, SimilarWeb, Zap, Pango and more.
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Danny Gitelman

Danny Gitelman

DevOps Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Formerly DevOps Manager at ZoomInfo Technologies, which went public at a value of $8 billion in 2019. Formerly managed all DevOps operations at Otonomo, and trained generations of DevOps staff as part of his military service in 8200 unit.
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Aviel Buskila

Aviel Buskila

DevOps Lead at Identiq and formerly DevOps Lead at Nielsen International. In the past, acted as team leader in the IDF’s Computing and Information Systems (Mamram). He is renowned for his experience in DevOps as well as instructing. Lectures at international conferences.
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About DevOps experts

While students in large colleges study masses of theory, which is mostly obsolete and irrelevant to the offered positions, we, who still work simultaneously as interviewers and recruiters in companies, had the vision of DevOps classes which would focus on and be adapted to the industry needs; classes that would be fresh and up to date, during which the students learn only what they need to know for their future jobs. This means: gaining more practice, paying less money. Two birds one stone.

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