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DevOps Experts Courses

Cloud: Deep Dive Into Amazon Web Services

Learn Practical AWS to Improve Your Cloud Computing Performance and Lower Infrastructure Costs

Our Training Approach

Limited Class size

to allow maximal interactivity

Hands on sessions

takes learning beyond the theory

Case studies

from various companies and products

Course Topics

  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Infrastructure & Networking
  • Access Management
  • Cloud Automation
  • Data Storage
  • Big Data & Analysis
  • Serverless architecture
  • Logging and monitoring

Our Lecturers

Daniel Gotlieb

Daniel Gotlieb

When people shout -”Hey, Head of Automation!” at the world’s 2nd largest Social-Gaming company, I turn around. When it’s time for me to teach another awesome session at DevOps-Experts College, I step into a phone-booth and take off my glasses, because educating the next generation of High-Tech champs is my superpower. My two kids love seeing me train teenagers for international horseback riding competitions. How do I get so much done? Simply be loving what I do and working hard.
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Dani Gitelman

Dani Gitelman

During my military service as a DevOps instructor in the 8200 intelligence unit, I had the privilege of teaching many generations of DevOps staff. Today I manage all DevOps operations in Otomoto - a revolutionary high-tech company. When I teach, my focus is to make sure you understand both the path and the solution. In my spare time, my wife and I volunteer at a dog pound where we train abandoned dogs .
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Aviel Buskila

Aviel Buskila

In my experience from being team leader in IDF’s Computing and Information Systems core (Mamram), I believe that “The Opposite of Forgetting is Understanding”. As current DevOps Lead at Nielsen International, I know that to understand, you need to first break an idea into pieces, then put it together to create a real grasp of it. My lovely wife says you’re most likely to find me in a MeetUp, conference, or cooking in one of our camping trips.
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About DevOps experts

While students in large colleges study masses of theory, which is mostly obsolete and irrelevant to the offered positions, we, who still work simultaneously as interviewers and recruiters in companies, had the vision of DevOps classes which would focus on and be adapted to the industry needs; classes that would be fresh and up to date, during which the students learn only what they need to know for their future jobs. This means: gaining more practice, paying less money. Two birds one stone.

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